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01-27-2010, 10:29 AM
Just a quick doodle in photoshop, around 10 minutes.

I really want to spend some time on personal work this year, preferably in ZBrush as it's gathering dust and I've never learned how to use it properly. This is something I've wanted to create for years and I've finally managed to get a rough concept together...here's the inspiration

Soulwax - My Cruel Joke

I used to think cupid was a real jerk
A child star, tormented
A faded star of yesterday
Now toothless and jaded
He shoots his arrows wildely with bottles
Scattered across the sky
He trips on clouds
With a face like Keith Richards

I am your voice what you propose
I am your choice your vow to be
Whatever you do I'll agree
Please forgive me my cruel joke

I'm everywhere, partial and entire
I'm on the inside of everything
And on the outside
I'm trembling like a man away from home
But I can't speak my heart
In case they hear me
Now, no one will listen to our song

I used to think cupid was an *******
The loneliest soul in the universe
And as the wrinkled birdman approached me
I could smell his smouldering cigarette breath
And he looked at me out the corner of his head
And he spoke
'So, you ask me why no one stays together anymore?'

You're never around when I need you
You're never around when I need you