View Full Version : Lwsn and 8k normal maps

01-20-2010, 03:14 PM

I am having problems getting LWSN to consistently render with a 8k image map applied as a normal map to an object.

our farm is running LW9.6 on win xp64 using the i7quad core. and running a single node utilizing all the cores.

some nodes pick the scene up correctly and render ok while others render something different. there is no way to get the same result on a re-render and there is no apparent issue with any particular nodes. some shots have rendered fine but others flicker on every frame as the normal map renders incorrectly and moves about on a machine by machine basis.

I remember back in the 7.5-8 days that LWSN had issues with large (4k+) image maps but I thought this was fixed by 8.5. or was that only regarding textures and not normal maps?

Anyone got a solution to get LWSN to correctly load, prep its scene and render correctly with a normal map this size? Or any idea what might be causing LWSN to fail like this?

Thanks in advance,