View Full Version : The 3DA 1.5/2.0 update

01-15-2010, 10:01 AM
So whatever became of the 3DA update with Gunsmith/Easysurface and all that?

Is it still in the works? Two years is a long wait for 'coming soon,' and we are very nearly there (in fact, I would say that we're close enough that the two year mark will pass before it is released).

01-15-2010, 03:59 PM
Seems like 3D Arsenal is at the end. I asked about this a long time ago and it's still not here. I decided to just quit asking. Sometimes I'm slow, but if I was this slow, I think I would be out of a job.


01-16-2010, 10:44 AM
I'm not in marketing or sales, so can't comment on what prior ballyhoo (or lack of same) was given to it, but as far as I know what you are talking about is what eventually came to be known as the "3D Content Pack: Sports", listed on the 3DA page under Ammo Packs.


That package came out quite a while ago (last summer-ish?), although it certainly was delayed. It does include Easy Surface, which if memory serves is what "gunsmith" wound up being called in the end.

01-16-2010, 02:12 PM
well at one point I asked and 3DA 2.0 (1.5 or whatever) was a separate product from the Sports Ammo pack, and there would be a special upgrade path for existing 3DA owners (of course, 3DA isn't a product that shows up as 'registered' with Newtek so not sure how this will work. I asked about it and was told it was 'coming soon'). See this post


and this one (last post by Don Ballance stating specifically separate products)


01-16-2010, 03:03 PM
Hmmm - well, I guess I can't help clear this up then. About all I can say is that the 3D Pack in question came out not all that long after the second of Don's posts that you cite, and does include Easy Surface.