View Full Version : Hi, i'm new in the forum

09-04-2003, 01:37 PM
Hi to all, i'm new in the forum, and i'm new in lightwave, im from 3dsmax, and i see thats lightwave is more easy thats 3dsmax ( for me ),

I see thats newtek is more professional thats discreet. (FOR ME!)

Newtek made a good work with lightwave :)

Sorry for my english..

09-04-2003, 03:09 PM
Hi Stholenz! Good to have you here!

Despite our whining and moaning we all love LightWave here (and some of us are even pretty good with it :D) - If you have any questions feel free to ask - this community is the best!

09-05-2003, 02:12 AM
ok Aegis, thanks :D