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01-02-2010, 02:25 PM
I'm sure this has been asked a few times, but the search feature keeps giving me a time out error, so I'm making my own thread.

Does anyone really enjoy any particular magazines that deal a lot or only with lightwave? Sometimes it's fun to read how things are done using other programs, but I'm really interested in reading about lightwave. I now have a subscription to 3D world, which is pretty cool. Is HDRI 3d a pretty good one? I have one copy and it has some Lightwave in it, so it look promising.

01-02-2010, 04:03 PM
For me, HDRI 3d, is 'oh wow this is better than video tuts and these NT Forums'. For sure its a heavy-duty set of thoughts: "For and By CG Professionals".

The latest issue, #30, rocks.

01-03-2010, 04:07 AM
3d world used to be very Lightwave orientated, another was CGI magazine, but I guess they need to concentrate on where the work is and what people are interested in...which is mostly Maya and Max.

I subscribed to 3d world for a number of years but most of the content was recycled on a regular basis, it was especially apparent as I also subscribed to computer arts, computer arts projects/specials and Imagine FX which are all from the same publisher and shared content between them. It was quite common to have the same tutorial in each magazine over different months and even in the same magazine more than once slightly re-hashed for different software.

I always saw the tutorials as inspiration rather than a step-by-step walkthrough. It shouldn't matter what software is used, they're all capable of producing very similar results, and if you get really stuck just ask on here how to reproduce the same result in Lightwave.

01-05-2010, 09:33 AM

3D World is sometimes more biased towards Autodesk 3dsmax and Maya in its coverage of the 3D World.

3D Animation Studio (http://www.3d-imaging.co.uk)
3D Cartoon Characters (http://www.3d-imaging.co.uk/pages/models.htm)

01-06-2010, 06:19 AM
I really like 3D Artist, but it isn't very LW heavy. I don't think they favor any 1 piece of software, but they always have a free DVD with tons of stuff on there that can be used with LW.

01-15-2010, 06:37 PM
3d world is one of those magz i look at going to the kiosk.
they basically have very little LW, always did, it's more of a mag that might give you some ideas, then transfer them to LW.

HDRI3D, i've heard they have some good LW tutorials.
it looks like the mag has more interesting 3D info in general.
just ordered 4 copies last week, we'll see, hope i can keep up. ;)

..those are the only 2 mags that do LW tutorials afaik