View Full Version : Have got space pilot fully working in Layout!!!!

12-31-2009, 03:14 AM
Hi All,

Here is a belated christmas present to everyone,

I have got Space Pilot working in LW - in theory you can use the same driver to make it do useful stuff in nearly any app!


- first install your space pilot drivers from connexion
- Download and install cameraman from here (necessary for full axis control)


- disable driver
- Install the RC9 driver downloaded from here for 32 bit


- Look at the far end of this forum for tips on how to get it working with various flavours of windows however for the 64 bit drivers - get them from here:-


- Once installed you can set up all of the axis to control H B P X Y Z - using Camera man to access HB (though these can be done in RC9 and are then proportional) and XYZ. You can get the RC9 driver to "press" a mouse/keyboard button+"move" the mouse in X Y by adding multiple bindings - it is very flexible.

One confusing element is that the instructions say there is a ADD bindings button that does not seam to be there - just right click in the bindings window and choose ADD from the popup menu and you are away.

This is great for shot finding. Trying to get it to allow me to "fly" the camera whilst in play and auto key mode - getting there but not quite. Also configuring it to drive

You can make auto configs for all your apps that activate when you are using that app - or you can have several profiles for things like Arch vis and Vehicle rigger - using joystic mode.

Anyhow - Enjoy this, finally SpacePilot for LW.

Let me know if you have any great configurations - any plugin writers that can make this fly like a plane would help loads.