View Full Version : Best MAC UB UV TOOL??

12-27-2009, 09:17 PM
What is the best..if any..UV tool for MAC UB?

12-27-2009, 10:29 PM
I hate that there are not UB PLG uv tools for LW. I have used the CMF version of LW to use the PLG tools but I hate doing that. If I had to buy something I think I would get 3DCoat just to get the uv tools. It's pretty inexpensive and there are many other tools to use. Might be worth a look.

12-28-2009, 08:41 AM
I think the best and cheapest UV unwrap solution for UB is 3D Coat. Is that right?

Edit: oops, 3dc on mac is Carbon not Cocoa. Sorry to find that out.

12-28-2009, 09:46 AM
I generally use the UV tools in modo while modeling and then bring the finished models into LightWave.

12-28-2009, 12:22 PM
(using modo here too, UV editing is quite powerful, but modo is a bit expensive only as UV tool, modo also is carbon btw.)
Don't know any dedicated MacUB UV tool, but silo (http://www.nevercenter.com/silo/) and cheetah3d (http://www.cheetah3d.com/) are little Modeler apps with UV editing capabilities. Both cheaper as 3DCoat, both with 30-day trials, silo=carbon / cheetah=cocoa, cheetah=more file formats.

12-28-2009, 12:43 PM
Anyone know why the PLG tools were never compiled for UB?

12-29-2009, 11:30 AM
The reason is because the author doesn't ask D-Storm to do it ?
It is often that such a thing doesn't continue...

12-30-2009, 03:47 AM
Blender 2.49 UV is cool and it's free. I use it without problem.

12-31-2009, 10:05 AM
Houdini Apprentice Pelt, can obj IO . and it's free

01-01-2010, 05:54 PM
Houdini Apprentice Pelt, can obj IO . and it's free

Ah, yes I keep forgetting about apprentice. Pretty sweet Free program.

01-01-2010, 06:14 PM
Houdini Apprentice Pelt, can obj IO . and it's free

I didn't know it was available for the mac. Cool. :)

01-07-2010, 10:14 PM
UVlayout tool from headus has had a mac version for at least a year now.