View Full Version : LW makes corrupt rtv files

09-03-2003, 03:56 PM
I always render in newtek-rtv format. This is a plug-in included with Toaster[2].

Anyway, many times, the rtv ends up being 2 seconds, 10 frames, with the middle of the file at the end, and the end at the beginning and leaving out the beginning all together. For example, the animation is 210 frames. The render box counts from 1 to 210. Then, the rtv is only 2 seconds, 10 frames.

However, sometimes it turns out perfect, like it is supposed to!

Is this a bug?

I have not been able to "force" it to either work right, or be incorrect. There seems to be no pattern to whether it will work or not...

Please help.

edit - I should mention I am using LW7.5