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12-16-2009, 05:50 AM

I need help with saving a rendered file. I need to give a rendered version of my TV logo animation to my tutor tomorrow, i need help with how to render it and save it either onto a usb or cd. The college version and my version is Lightwave 7.5.

I'm really confused with this whole saving rendered files and transfering to a another computer ( I know i'm thick). I heard the quality can go down aswell (so need all the quality i can get, considering my animation is pretty...well rubbish) and certain textures, surfaces don't transfer well.

So any help would be great to get a saved rendered file, would be greatly appreciated.


12-16-2009, 07:42 AM
They haven't taught you how to save a file?! Tell your tutor to show you how!!!

12-16-2009, 09:48 AM
They don't actually teach that much when it comes to the Software (LW) more the mechinacs and production development stages ...............

Do you want to make your animation into a movie ?
Ok since your machine is strugglin lets go for LOW settings ..


in Layout -
Goto RenderTab at the top then goto - Render Settings Tab(Render Globals )

General Field ================================================== =

Cheek AutoFrame Advance ,Uncheek Frame END BEEP "cause it will do your head in after 20 frames .

First Frame :Enter 0 or 1 ,WAvers will have something to say about that but that's for another day ...........

Last Frame : The end frame your animation finishes at .

You will see Width and Hight ,Default is 640 X 480 , if you want Pal just type in 720 X 576 .

Now goto the Render Tab ( next to general )
Select Raytrace Shadows , in easy terms it makes shadows better
I don't know what your surface preset is , if it has an element of transparancy IE GLASS , Select the Raytrace Transparency .

you will see text saying Render Mode , make sure it says Realistic , you can select wireframe and this will render a wireframe of your animation .. .

Ray Recursion Limit Drop it down to 8 .

Now goto Filtering

On Classic Camera Antialising "THIS IS IMPORTANT PART " drag down to you see classic camera LOW .
leave everything else at default .

now goto OUTPUT ...

Pick a method to export AVI QUICKTIME ,whatever codec is on your computer it will use , for animation people have different setting , but for you just ,goto AVI , then click options .

Pick A codec for conversation reasons click on Cinepak Codec by Raduis .....

this codec uses jpeg compression ,this codec is not the best ,but it will give you an idea of what your animation will look like

The best method is to select SaveRGB "it saves each frame as a picture ,and pick a format this will not compress the image , TIFF PNG BMP ,....

anyway this will do for now make sure you have gave your movie file a name ." animation file " .

HIT F10 or goto Render Scene .