View Full Version : Alternate UV subdivision method...

02-26-2003, 08:34 PM
When you use discontinuous UVs on a SubD model, you are esentially texturing the cage, and when you toggle the model into SubPatch mode, you can get some rather nasty texture "seams" along discontinuous UV edges.

The solution... LW's meshing engine subdivides the model at rendertime using a method like Modeller's Subdivide/Metaform. This is fine for the geometry, but the placement of the intermediate points along curvy patches is what causes problems in UV space. If the meshing engine were to determine the point coordinates for UV space using a different method -- like Subdivide/Faceted -- all intermediate points would then fall on the original patch edges (and therefore texture "seams" COULD NOT occur!) The UVs for the cage object and the SubPatch object would match exactly :)

Just a thought... ;)