View Full Version : Useless error messages on load...

09-03-2003, 02:02 AM
I just spent a day rigging a 6 legged tank complete with expressions to operate just about every function on the thing. I saved and restarted my computer, now for some reason when I try and load the scene it says "Item can't be parented to it'self" several times and only loads half of the scene:confused: .

I'm trying to find the offending object which for some reason has had it's parenting all screwed up, but LW dosen't even have the heart enough to tell me *which* object causing problems. So now I have to wade thru over 60K of scenefile and 36 some odd object layers and try and find the right one.

There has to be some more gracefull way of handeling this error, like loading the object but unparenting it completely, and telling specifically which object/layer is causing problems.