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02-26-2003, 06:58 PM
I am attempting to use Sasquatch Lite. I understand all the basic functions but an object with saslite applied will not reflect with saslite in another object like a window or mirror. Anybody have any suggestions. I think you have to buy the full package from Wolley.

02-27-2003, 03:01 AM
sorry bud,
Just got sas the other day, and that is one thing it says in the manual that it doesn't have. No reflection, no refraction.

Try rendering from the side that your object will be reflecting off of, and then apply it to the objects reflections.

just an idea at least.

and its Worley, not Wolley => heheh

02-27-2003, 09:08 AM
Sas or Saslite will not render reflections no matter what you do with it. It's a post process effect which means it's applied after the render has finished so it's basically painted over top of the render. Zach's idea will work if you're just doing a still shot but if you're rendering multiple frames, that would take you years.
One thing you could try is to paint the surface that's going to be covered up with hair the same color as the hair will be. This will show up in your reflection and as long as you're not getting too close to it, it'll probably do ok. It's a cheap workaround but there's not much you can do until Sas2 comes out which hopefully will support reflections of some kind.

02-28-2003, 03:24 AM
Or, extending HRGiger's idea, render a topview of the sas'ed surface and apply it as a texture beneath the sas hair / grass / whatever. This way the reflection will show the hair as well.