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12-07-2009, 07:46 AM
***Not responsible to any issues to your TriCaster from following my instructions***

Download Keyboard Sounder Pro;
Install it using the default settings and launch the program. Right click on the task bar icon for it and select set scheme. Create a new scheme and call it TriCaster (or whatever). Press edit and select the space bar. Now add a sound using the sound file browser (you would have to already have a sound effect wav file on your TriCaster). Save the new scheme and press close. Right click on the taskbar icon again and this time exit the program and then go to windows start menu and re-launch keyboard sounder pro. Right click on the icon and choose scheme, Tricaster (this will now become the default and not be needed to do again). Connect your headphones to the back of the TriCasters computers built-in audio line out jack. Open notepad and press the space bar. You should hear your sound effect file you chose. Exit Notepad. Use a XLR to mini patch cable or mini to RCA and patch the built-in audio line out to the TriCaster audio input.
Hold down the shift key and launch TriCaster letting go of the shift key as soon as you see the task bar at the bottom of the screen while TriCaster is loading (splash screen). If TriCaster is not fullscreen, ALT TAB to it so that it is fullscreen. If you patched the audio to the XLR TriCaster input, make sure you go to the audio section and change the default from Mic to Line.
Now put up something on the preview bus and live bus and select a transition you feel best matches your sound effect audio file. Press the space bar and crack a smile so big you will break your face :D
Hold down CTRL+D key and press space bar again and this time no audio will play. Hold down CTRL+E and press the space bar and crack your face again :D

If you want this to work even better, follow this thread;
Here I am trying to get someone to write a script to make this work even better in a live production.

Things to consider:
Windows is running in the background and may not be totally "quite" as normally is the case because we held down the shift key. A few people do this already for other reasons (hold down the shift key) and I have not heard of any big issues related to doing this.
The difference here is now you are tapped into the Windows sound and any kind of Windows sound generated warning could pass through. As far as I know, this should not be a problem since NewTek pretty much disabled all of the nonsense Windows auto activated procedures but it is open to it by the sheer fact we are now tapped into the audio. The only way I can think of reducing a problem is going into the control panel and change all the sound files associated with warning to nothing/blank so that even if Windows executes a warning, no sound will go out of the audio line out jack.

Make sure you purchase the program for $15.95 because it will not work once the trial times out (I think 30 days).

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12-07-2009, 04:04 PM
Keyboard Sounder Pro does not allow for individual function keys so I chose the ` key and made a scheme for a single sound to play when the ` key was used. I then finally made a toaster script by taking pieces of Bills script and Jef's script. I also had help from John Perkins in telling me where to look to add user scripts for TriCaster switcher (NewTek left it out and a command line needs to be added to the default script).

Long story short, I now have a hotkey, `, and when I hit it, the 2nd Transition plays in AUTO and the sound file plays at the same time. Once it finishes, the Transition bank goes back to Transition 01 (cross fade) and the Transition speed goes to Medium (I use medium for cross fade) so that if I hit the space bar, I get a cross fade but if I hit the ` key, my face cracks :D

Wow that was exhausting since I don't do programing and never have done a toaster script before. I am sure a talented script writer can do a better job but in the mean time, this is working fine on my TriCaster.

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12-07-2009, 08:58 PM
Nice job there !
You deserve all out Thank You's. :)


03-30-2010, 04:38 PM
Sound like what my Toaster 4000 used to do with a number of sound files linked to the transitions. For example, the space ship transition.

03-31-2010, 05:05 PM
It's scarry - I do remember that transition. Must be getting old. Sigh...

Of course, what's even scarier is that I also remember actually using that transition (only once - I swear)! :D


bob anderson
04-06-2010, 04:52 PM
I did a bunch of the audio on the Toaster 4000. I even played the drums on that one wacky black and white flashy/texty effect. (Which was created by the world famous Mojo!)

Bob Anderson

04-10-2010, 07:13 AM
Check this link.
I wrote a plugin for TriCaster family that you can play sound files with DVEs normally. You can associate different DVE with different sound file. Also, I set up a UI so you can choose to stop or start the sound play back.
Or check my we site http://www.animlab.com/index_en.html and clicck at "NewTek Addons".

06-03-2010, 05:38 PM
Full circle, Chen's program works great and I now use it instead of my hot key script. I highly recommend it.

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