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12-02-2009, 02:10 PM
Well here is the final render of the Grevious Project. :D
I will have one more pic soon as I can. I want a pose of him in a fighting stance with active lightsabers.
Any suggestions on the composition of this one or the next one?

12-04-2009, 03:21 PM
Well one thing that catches my eye is the sand behind him it looks way to bumpy, here is a test render I did. http://www.newtek.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=79943&stc=1&d=1259965278

12-08-2009, 11:31 AM
I see what you are saying about the sand. I honestly have no clue what he is standing on in that picture :D
Here is the other final picture from this project.
If anybody knows a decent way to make the white core of the lightsaber, that would be the one tweak that I would like to make. I tried using incidence angle, and gradient base on pivot, but neither worked too well.

Mark The Great
12-08-2009, 03:00 PM
Just crank up the luminosity to like 500%

12-08-2009, 03:29 PM
I'd set the light sabers bright parts to matte-black on the main renders, then render them separate with everything else matte-black and black alpha, then composite the sabers in Photoshop. Then you can mess with levels, duplicate the layer and set to add or screen, blur it some, etc, until you are happy.

Remember when rendering images for photoshop it's very helpful to set the output to 'unpremultiply alpha' in the Output tab of render globals. You won't get the black borders that way.

12-10-2009, 08:31 PM
What I do is make the blades color just a bit whiter than you would want, with red it would be a dark dark pink, blue a baby blue, you can hopefully see what I mean, then turn the luminosity up till the color is white then go to the tab next to the surface editors basic settings then turn the glow intensity to 50%. Push Ctrl F7 and enable the glow setting on that window and set the glow size to 30 and turn the glow intensity to 50 in the same window. You will probably have to mess with the settings but that's one basic way to do it.:thumbsup:

12-11-2009, 10:40 AM
:) Unfortunately my house suffered a massive power surge during a windstorm this past Tuesday. The computer that has all my Grevious files (and everything else) was one of the things that got zapped. I won't be able to tweak anything until it gets repaired. I really hope it was just the power supply that blew.

12-11-2009, 01:01 PM
Ouch sorry to hear about that, Hear is a test I did of the lightsaber.


12-13-2009, 12:35 AM
I would try softening the shadows, especially on the first one.