View Full Version : Letter from Jay Roth, president of the 3D division NewTek, to the NewTek LightWave 3D

11-25-2009, 02:02 PM
November 25, 2009

Dear LightWave® Community

Last week, on November 16th we were excited to deliver a first feature set for LightWave with CORE technology to our HardCORE membership (a benefit of HardCORE membership—which is still open). The extensive list of features and productivity enhancements we delivered, detail the planned features for LightWave 3D® with CORE technology.

We will share the news with the entire LightWave community in the upcoming December 2009 Newsletter. Do not miss this important newsletter with all the details of what we have planned for LightWave with CORE technology. If you are not on the LightWave Community Newsletter mailing list, be sure to sign up immediately at http://register.newtek.com/. Don’t miss out.

This is an exciting beginning for LightWave with CORE technology. NewTek is working on delivering a LightWave product that will keep your workflow and pipeline intact, while introducing powerful leaps in productivity through our new CORE technology. As you explore and learn the new features that CORE will offer, you will be able to quickly learn and master tools that keep up with the growing demands and complexities of 3D production—but more about that in the December newsletter.

Thanks for your continued support, feedback, and commitment to the first release of LightWave 3D with CORE technology. If you’re really excited and want to learn now what’s on the horizon, you can still join the LightWave HardCORE team. We remain committed to the evolution of LightWave, a world-class 3D application with Emmy® Award-winning features and functionality.

Jay Roth President, 3D Division