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02-08-2003, 01:57 PM
Labels in SasLite? Lightwave has the nice grey ones, but SasLite keeps anoying me with these as shown below. I can work with it but it sure makes it hard to read the values.




02-08-2003, 02:03 PM
that's really odd...haven't see that before...I would call tech support and see if they have run across this before....

02-08-2003, 04:06 PM
Looks like SasLite uses the same model of drawing its text boxes that lightwave used to use in 7.0(thats now fixed in 7.5), Caused by having other languages installed in windows 2k/xp (asian is the most common with us lightwave users with all the japanese plugin websites) so i sugges u try removing any extra languages u have installed.

Goto Control panel/Regional and Language options and remove them in there.

Hope this helps.


02-08-2003, 05:24 PM
If that is the case I can live with it. I dont use sasLite that often to care that much. I like seeing the Asian or Slovic languages instead of the normal ascii text that comes up when you dont have them installed.

02-08-2003, 06:47 PM
We are forced to use macs at school and this sometimes happens, but usually to the whole interface. ie, the toolbars on the side of the screen. I think it could be a video card/driver issue. Try updating your video card drivers.

And am I stupid or somthing but I havent figured out how to post an image in this new forum so that it doesnt show up as an attachment. Could you tell me please how to do it?

02-08-2003, 06:54 PM
The image has to be at a different location before the img tag will work so for instance http://www.imagereality.com/Images/NewtekImages/ is where I put mine and just refrence to the image that I want to post.

02-08-2003, 07:03 PM
So does that mean that I can no longer upload the images to the forum like in the old one with the \image{description} tag.

I understand the other method but at the moment I dont have any webspace.

02-11-2003, 08:22 PM
No all you have to do is attach the file to your post and it will upload to Newtek servers. You cant have it inline and there is a size restriction, but you don't need 3rd party webspace.