View Full Version : Importing model data into DirectX 10 or 11

11-13-2009, 04:32 PM
Hi All,
I'm new to Lightwave and I am trying to find out how to import models into DirectX 10 or 11? The DX10 documentation from Microsoft just does not seem to talk about this area of importing/ reading from different model formats etc - the only info I can find in the DirectX SDK docs is about the old legacy .x file format, which is being deprecated. So what's replaced the .x format for DirectX 10 and 11?

I've found it extremely hard to get this info on the net and so far no response from Newtek technical support - it's like I'm asking for something out of this world. If there are any DirectX 10/11 game developers out there who use lightwave modeller and develop with visual c++ and direct X 10 SDK can you please help?.