View Full Version : Thanks for the tutes, Lee!

09-01-2003, 04:50 AM

Excellent! The demos really got me excited about DFX+.

We had a big discussion in our "shop" many years ago about DF vs. AE...

I don't regret going with AE, as it has been easy to find freelancers with AE experience, but I always remembered what I had heard about DF - that it was fast and powerful, and that it was more "realtime." But it seemed like only the animation houses were using it, and since I didn't work in an animation house, I had an impression of it as being a really "esoteric" software package...

Your demo/tutes really demonstrated some of DF's strengths and got me hyped up enough to shoot off an email lobbying my employer to get that Lightwave/DFX+ upgrade deal!

I even "get" the node-based approach now, and think it is very cool - more organic than the "twirly triangle" method of AE.

BTW, great marketing stuff, NewTek!