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11-11-2009, 03:03 PM

I have some questions that I really need some help on ?

( Am hoping there is a LW3D guardian angel / guru out there . . . :bowdown: )

1. Is it just me or are codecs a black art ? :devil:

2. How do I get a simple, open, good quality, multi-platform .avi at a decent size ? All I want is an open ( ie. already on the target platform ) codec, with a good compression ratio, rendered as an .avi ( or .mov for that matter ) ? Don't want proprietary (eg. DivX), need stability on both platforms (Quicktime with H.264 fine on Mac but unplayable on Windows) !! Want to be able to email and other end can play without having to install codec - but how ?

3. Why are only 5 codecs available with native Lightwave ( and none of these seem to have a good compression ratio ). Something to render out direct to decent .avi for scratch working. So far, either my resultant file is too big ( minutes of animation for 100Mbs ) or unstable ( poor playback ) ?!?

4. What would you render out to suitable for YouTube ?

5. Where can I get more info on this ? :tongue:

Thanks in anticipation,

Bing Joe

11-11-2009, 04:17 PM
1. I think so yes. You have to trade off quality for filesize always;
2. h.264 MOVs tend to play fine on all machines in my experience, but a) they need to be relatively up-to-date (from the last five years or so) and b) have a reasonably up-to-date version of Quicktime installed;
3. There are no codecs supplied with LightWave. It just uses whatever is available on your machine;
4. YouTube now handles higher bit rate and resolution files, so it's only the filesize that matters I believe (but I am unsure on this and I'm sure someone else more in the know can jump in);
5. Here ;)


11-11-2009, 10:13 PM
If you want it to play on all machines, I think I would go with the quicktime format using the h.264 codec. Not all avi files will play on a Mac but mov files will play just fine on a pc as long as they have the latest update for quicktime installed, or clone.

FYI the h.264 codec will not export correctly from lightwave, but you can take a sequence, avi file or mov file with a different codec and load it into quicktime pro and export a h.264 based file that will play correctly. If you have to choose render to sequence or if it is a small animation to avi or mov but don't use a codec select none or full frames. These three will play on any system and can be easily imported back into lightwave to export with a different file format or codec. If you have to pick on;ly one go with a sequence as this will take care of any issues such as your computer quiting in the middle of a render.
Anyway the above is getting a bit blended together so I will quit for now.