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11-10-2009, 06:43 PM
I made a folder in my D:\media folder named External. I enabled sharing on it and full file access. I then connected another computer to the same switch I have on the TC and entered it's IP address as so in My Network Places // I could have also typed //Tricaster as I named the computer Tricaster in computer properties. Once the folders come up, you will see TextInput, your new folder or External if you do as I have and Printers and Faxes. TextInput seems to be what is used by LiveText and you will not have permission to open this folder. So on External, right mouse button and select Map Drive. Choose a drive letter. I choose X for External but it is up to you. Check to map next time you log in and this way every time this external computer boots up, it will look for the TC and map the external folder as the X drive.
So up till now I briefly explained networking and sharing on Windows systems and you can read all about it by doing a Google search. I will just point out that unless your router allows you lock your TriCaster's MAC number to an IP, then every time you turn the computers on and off, they could get new IP's making the mapped drive fail. Again research network drives, mapping, etc. I will say that on the Mac, the ability to do this is not so straight forward but I do have access to the TriCaster and the External folder.

Anyway now that my brief intro to networking is past us, all one needs to do is use a graphics program and save to the new mapped drive. So if I use Bluff Titler to make quick animated titles and export movie using 59.97 fps at D1 resolution and SpeedHQ 4.2.2 with alpha to the X: drive, once Bluff finishes rendering (which is pretty fast), I can now add the file in the DDR and then select DDR in overlay and take or fade the new animated title with perfect alpha and perfect playback speed since I choose SpeedHQ codec. The same is for Photoshop for still titles but I notice the alpha is better when saving in PSD file format and not PNG.
I have tried After Effects, Fusion and Lightwave and really anything that can save to the SpeedHQ file format will work perfectly. It really comes down to the speed in which the program you use can render. I find Bluff Titler is the fastest at rendering for what it can do. The interface has a learning curve and is very different than anything else I use period. That said is has potential.

Also note, if for nothing else, this makes for quick transfer of files when back at the studio before or after a gig.

PS I could have made this a very short post just saying to enable sharing on a folder on the TriCaster and map the folder as a drive on an external computer but felt so many more questions would follow :)

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11-14-2009, 10:18 PM
I just finished the tutorial for Bluff Titler. This looks really interesting, but I'm confused about one of your comments above. How do you go about "export movie using 59.97 fps at D1 resolution and SpeedHQ 4.2.2 with alpha" from within BT? I use Speed Edit on another PC and my Tricaster is on yet another PC. So my setup is PC#1 has Bluff Titler on it. Speed Edit is on PC #2 and the Tricaster is PC#3. I assume that I need to install something from Newtek on PC#1. Your help would be appreciated.

11-16-2009, 08:53 AM
Install the NewTek codec pack on PC#1. Then when you select Export movie, choose 59.94 Double NTSC (Sorry I wrote 59.97 by mistake). This is because Bluff does not have an interlace save format and by doubling the frames, you make the in-between frames needed for certain motions when viewed in interlaced which TriCaster is. You also want Compressed AVI with Transparency. Now when the codec selection comes up, select NewTek SpeedHQ with Alpha.

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11-16-2009, 06:39 PM
Thanks Jose. I went to the "registration" page at Newtek.com and found the codec pack. Installed it. Followed your directions and it works like a champ.

11-16-2009, 08:15 PM
You are welcome. If you look at the 3D Model section of Bluff Gallery, you should see a few I made. A couple could make for very quick personalized animations in a live production. The trophy one is one that falls into this category. Just down load the BT show and you can use it to render animation awards to the Tricaster.
Anyway if you have it installed on a dual core, you could make some very quick animations complete with 3D. I did a show this weekend where I used it just for that.

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