View Full Version : Sweepstakes

11-09-2009, 05:58 PM
Newtek should be launching some sweepstakes for lw (core).
There are a lot of talented people out there that cannot afford a full package and would grasp the change at sweepstakes.
One of the most easiest and cost-aware marketing ideas that can get a lot of attention. Of course it should be timed right, nevertheless they should go for it.
Have it setup so it can be passed along to facebook, twitter and such.
An idea would also be to award the persons passing along the most sweepers to Newtek. That would get another set of people spreading the word in hopes of providing the most sweepers.
Set reasonable standards, would cost perhaps 10 lw packages, or Core beta entries, whatever. Perhaps it could be student licenses, then they still need to upgrade for using it commercially and bring in some extra cash.

Just saying.
Love LW, may it live long and posper ;)