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11-09-2009, 03:23 PM
I've got a peculiar problem that I am hoping someone can help me out with.

I upgraded from 9.2 to 9.6 recently and found that when I create a new object or open an existing one, modify and then select save, it comes up with the error message "File 'Macintosh HD:Applications:Lightwave 3D 9.lwo' is read-only. Do you want to save this data under a different filename?"

When I first upgraded, I pulled the "Content" folder from the 9.2 folder and placed it in the 9.6 folder. I haven't been able to figure it out, so I reinstalled Lightwave 9 from disc and did the 9.6 upgrade right after.

I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Richard Hebert
11-09-2009, 08:41 PM
I'm not sure if this is specific to your issue but I ran across something similar and still happens from time to time. It may be something that I cause but if I rename the file (by appending it with a version no. for example) the problem does get corrected. If I need to, I can then rename the file back to its original designation once I have control over it again. I'm not completely LightWave savvy, just thought I'd share anyway.


11-10-2009, 07:26 AM
This happens here too, but only with old files. Thats why i always keep the old version of LW so i can easily and fast do some changes if a client needs something on an old project.
The content manager is making still a lot of problems, i wish i can switch it off and work with LW like with every other software; especially annoying when working with two or more computers.

11-10-2009, 08:47 AM

I appreciate your input.

I could see the "read-only" applying with the old files, but when making a new object and saving, I get the same warning. It's like there is a major problem within the content directory, but I can't figure out what it is.

I will probably do as you suggest and reinstall 9.2 and keep 9.6 for the improved features for animation. I guess that is unless someone else has any ideas?

Thanks again

Richard Hebert
11-10-2009, 01:35 PM
Now that it's been mentioned, I too have all of the previous versions in the NewTek folder which may have been why I was able to reassign the name. Didn't consider that earlier.


11-10-2009, 01:35 PM
Thats strange, i only have it with old files. So when i save it with a new name AND the ending .lwo (odd, i know) it works.

11-10-2009, 01:47 PM
Sounds like a permissions issue. Get info on the object(s) in question, (see attached image). If I set this parameter to read only I get the message you describe, if it's set to read and write, no problem. You might run repair permissions utility as well. Hope this helps.

11-10-2009, 03:12 PM
No it has nothing to do with permissions, that was my first thought too.

11-11-2009, 07:46 AM
I can see everyone is as perplexed as I am. I do appreciate all the input.

What gets me is that it does it with a new object I am working on. But the strange thing is that if choose yes when it asks if I want to save a new copy, it takes me to the applications folder by default. I can then go through the folders to the content folder and actually select the original file. When I do it asks if I want to replace it. I select yes and there it is, saved in its original name.

I emailed a guy at Newtek tech support and his first thought was that I was not on the administrator account, but I am.

Maybe there is just a full moon out and it is only affecting my computer. I guess I will try the 9.5 update from 9.2 and see if it does the same thing.

Thanks again all for your thoughts

11-11-2009, 08:24 AM
Never mind that, 9.5 is for PC only...

11-11-2009, 11:19 AM
You can't install 9.5 on the Mac at full moon, there is no full moon version available, only for Windows. And with 9.6.1 you need a new license key for every project you are working on. :bump:

Strange you also have this problem with new files.....

11-12-2009, 10:44 AM
I will probably get shot for mentioning the obviouse but have you tried, right clicking the first newtek folder, select propertys, uncheck read only, apply to all subfolders and that should fix it.

edit - Ahh you're on a mac. I have no idea how that goes on a mac.

11-12-2009, 12:38 PM
I'd never shoot anyone for suggesting something, especially something obvious. Most often the problem is something obvious that was overlooked. Though I guess this is one of those times that it is not...

Just to double check, since another mentioned the permissions, I double checked the permissions and all the folders and object files are set to "read and write."

And to squash any unspoken thoughts, it is a legitimate copy installed from my purchased v9.0 disc, with the 9.2 and 9.6 upgrades downloaded straight from Newtek's customer service portion of the site.

It seems the content directory has a critical error, one that just ignores going into the content folder when saving, preventing any overwriting of files.

Man, I wish I had majored in programming at times like this.

11-12-2009, 02:54 PM
I am guessing you looked here at this apple help page... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2963

11-12-2009, 07:03 PM
One more thought:
I know you said it has nothing to do with permissions ... but I still think it might. In my experience, setting permissions in the get-info dialog doesn't always do the job. So ... boot your Mac from a different drive and then from that drive, run Disk Utility on your boot drive, and run the "Repair Permissions" routine. That has solved bunches of "read-only" issue for me in the past.

I have two TB drives here, with one serving as a boot-able backup, so it's easy for me to boot from my backup drive and do this.

Good luck. :-)

11-13-2009, 02:44 AM
I know you said it has to do with permissions ... but I still think it might not.:santa:
I have done all that here too, i even used other programs like OnyX to do this, but nothing helped. The only thing helped so far is saving it under a new name and dont forget to add the ending .lwo.

11-13-2009, 07:51 AM
I ran the "repair permissions" on my boot-up drive from the disk utilities application. It still does the same thing.

What is the most annoying with this whole mess is that if I create a brand new object and save it, no problems. But the next time I try to click "save" the error comes up.

Everything works well on the hard drive side, and none of my other programs are having any issues. It just seems like Lightwave has an internal error. The guy from tech support seemed clueless as to the problem, and asked if I was sure I was using 9.6, saying versions before 9.2 could occasionally have a similar problem to this.

Thanks for all the thoughts

11-18-2009, 04:07 PM
It sounds a bit like a content directory problem, exactly where is the file in relation to the currently set content directory? If it's not :
then try that.

I have seen this problem over the years, had it myself, and it's still not clear what the fix is. I'd love to get it settled for now and the future!

11-21-2009, 08:12 PM
Yeah, good call on checking Content Directory.

Also, it just occurred to me that when I have really "weird" or "sticky" permissions problems, I use a little app called "BatChmod" which allows you to override the OS in setting permissions for individual files and whole directories. It's a free download at www.versiontracker.com. A word of caution: be careful when using this. Aimed at the wrong place, it can really ruin your life. LOL

Good luck.