View Full Version : My PC just give it's self a BIOS / LOGIN PASSWORD

11-08-2009, 06:57 AM
Nightmare went to boot onto my DVD to install windows 7, for some reason it automatically shut its self down "without warning", when I booted back up there was login password dos promt "before main bootup sequence "

have no idea what the password is because it's never had one untill now , its not a problem just need to reset the cmos using software installed on USB pen " ohh wait ,I can't get into boot options .

argh !!

11-08-2009, 07:09 AM
damn its a toshiba fault and its bug in the bios, its caused by the machine shutting down and for some reason it automatically locks the bios NO password just the promt

11-08-2009, 07:27 AM
Try removing the battery from the board to reset the bios. When it starts reset to factory defaults.

Or... get a really big hammer, write reset on it and whack it with it...

11-08-2009, 07:30 AM
it's a well known fault that toshiba forget to tell there customers to update there bios firmware . so now i need to take it back to pc world where there trained LOL tech guys will fix it for FREE "ye right" ...............

fek it im brute forcing it myself .....................matter of changing jumpers ! ithink

11-08-2009, 07:45 AM
08448006020 pcworlds tech guys "ye right " cheap phone number not the 」1.50 a min "because i went sick "

11-08-2009, 07:57 AM
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh going sick ! phoned about 30 different people ,sorry mr Scott you need to personally take into them and pick a fight with a complete stranger because we suck !

PS THE PHONE NUMBER IS CHEAP CHEAP And when they answer it " hi can I have your store number , nice a direct number !"

11-08-2009, 09:58 AM
so explosive i want to hurt someone ...............Im so mad i need to tell complete strangers that PC WORLD SUCKS ................................shotgun please

cut a long story Im getting shaffted by all parties because there machines defective

11-08-2009, 10:46 AM
well you will goto pc world for your computers so what ya expect...sounds to me like you wanted to be ****ed... :D

ello tosh...gat a.toshiba....?
no...but i do have a hand genade!:devil:

11-08-2009, 11:19 AM
usually there's a jumper on the board that resets it and the password is gone

11-08-2009, 11:35 AM
usually there's a jumper on the board that resets it and the password is gone

yup I have torgue 10 screwdriver and motherboard out !

11-08-2009, 02:07 PM
yup I have torgue 10 screwdriver and motherboard out !

There ya go, show it who's boss!
No man should be defeated by a bunch of flimsy little silicon chips. :D

11-08-2009, 03:16 PM


Firstly I'll state I know first hand that sarcasm and being generally rude via a forum will not get issue's resolved any faster , but I feel raped by Toshiba and 3rd parties and obliged to post

Lets start at the beginning , that's usually the best place .

On 2008 I bought a Toshiba , being a 3D artist I thought this would be a great investment .
But sadly I was wrong .

Purchased at PC WORLD GLASGOW - for 450 GBP "just for geographical reference "

Once I had opened the shinny new box and carefully unwrapped the dangerous contents , I switched on my laptop with bated breath........................

Guess what ?

3 dead pixels not at the side nor the top but right in the middle .
Now you can understand my concerns being a graphics artist , but this issue was quickly resolved "After a Huge fight with PC world because there generative manager policy for today was

" You cant return Unless it had 5 or more dead pixels "


Ok ,so excellent they swapped it ,after I had to fork out another 50 GBP for an upgraded version because they had none in stock ! .
So effectively I got another machine that I didn't want for extra money .....superb

Ok so, I get this machine home , TOSHIBA EQUIUM A210
everythings fine and dandy for about 1 week


-At first I notice the DVD drive acting funny , reading discs then not reading them it lost all function except the ability to read ,ok not a problem I have a home PC that can burn discs ,I'll let that one slip .

the paint on front panel "where the lights are " starts to flake and fall off .

-Ok I'll put that down to wear and tear but its still only a month old

C) OVER HEATING (MEGA) Burnt my daughters arm .

- As I mentioned above I do graphics , this machine main purpose was to browse the internet ,maybe a few world docs , not render out 9 million polyz , I fully understand this concept .

but it started to overheat , I'm not talking about a little bit warm , I'm talking full on ,that much you could cook an egg on . not only did the machine but also the power pack . remembering this machine is still less than 2 months old .
The heat was that intense that it burnt a perfect rectangle onto my 3 year old daughters arm .

-arguing with my wife not to sue for faulty/dangerous electrical goods I phoned customer services up , and spoke to a very nice gentlemen that was happy to help .

Excellent Laptop getting picked up and taken away to get fixed ----SEE CUSTOMER SERVICES NOTES .

I was that considerate that I re-formatted the machine ,dragged all the essential tools onto the desktop ,you know control panel , system setting ect . and even made a nice jpeg schematic where the faults are "because I know how much off a pain in the teeth it can be working on the tech side and anything I can do to help "

1 or 2 weeks later I get my newly refurbished laptop back .
Superb , or so I thought ...................


Jump forward 6 months later , just before the manufactures warranty runs out IRONICALLY


Inbetween random faults and the paint starting to fall of AGAIN ,
The machine starts to switch its self randomly off ! without prior warning .

"Ok , maybe it was just a system fault , I'll restore .

Nope still doing it , Maybe its the battery not holding charge and it's struggling to detect it ?????

Nope its still cutting out ................

May I also add after the return off the machine ,which in my professional opp " YOU JUST REPLACED THE SHELL AND BLEW THE DUST OFF " . --------- PLEASE POST CUSTOMER SERVICES NOTES ...."maybe I'm wrong ?"

Now due to the machine randomly switching it's self off it caused massive corrupt sectors and chkdisk errors and loss of data ."some of which was costly , but functionally I'm an intelligent spices I managed to back MOST data up .

Ok so not a problem It's getting old (1year and 3weeks to be exact ) , its generally used for Internet ,theres some work and some personal photos ,nothing thats going to rock your world .
I'll use it for that .


Now this can be caused by dust ,also quoted by one of your ignorant members of staff .--

!!!!but this was caused by another mass produced product ,quickly shipped out and grossly missing product user safety testing .....................

HOW DO I KNOW THIS ::::::::::::::::::::::;

Mainly because when you Google Toshiba A210 it hits over 3 million user faults / problems
"Excuse me for sounding like one of your tech guys , but I used google search string to legitimize the search "
and the evidence is there .

Ok so its overheating ,thats maybe why it keeps cutting out ?
not a problem ,not UNTILL TODAY .

"sorry it took so long to get here "

So today My daughter "now 4 " is playing on nickjnr home page "Carefully avoiding the hot lava that pours from the heat vent at the side , and it cuts out again ....

Goto Switch back on

" A method we now call " PULL THE PLUG OUT AND SWITCH ON AND OFF 5 TIMES ,STAND ON 1 LEG & PRAY .............

and up pops this


some here may have seen this before ...................

THIS IS CAUSED by poor programming and bad development


Its called BIOS lock "and yes i did try , TOSHIBA , ADMIN , 12345678 blah blah blah " effectivily the machines decides to encrypt or maybe not encrypt a password , just depends how it feels that day .

Toshiba know about this fault and offer a fix ##maybe at a price ,just depends on what sales rep you get ##

This is the whole point of the conversation so If I lost you with bad grammer / spelling at any point in the post please PAY ATTENTION this is the IMPORTANT PART

================================================== ==========================

I searched ways to brute force , fix , remove battery and so on when I decided enough was enough this machine is faulty -------I'm going to give legal jargon here just so you know where on the same page .

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended

Goods must be:

テδ「テつテつ「fit for the purpose they are made for
テδ「テつテつ「durable - last for a reasonable time
テδ「テつテつ「have no minor defects
テδ「テつテつ「acceptable in look and finish

There's others if you would like me to continue ,even better ones but I'll just use this one right now , just to be polite .

Your PRODUCT was faulty since it left the covaor belt , your people should have picked up on this when it got returned but I'm sure they may have been busy ! .

Now we can argue these points and justifications but ontop all that .................
this hurts the most .

"Sorry Mr Scott for the problem you can either wait and we'll send someone out to fix it , OR I QUOTE you can take it to PC WORLD and because there TECHGUYS they will be obliged to fix FOR FREE due to it being purchased there .

I PHONE SEVERAL PCWORLD NUMBERS UP and bounced there calls try to get an answer before someone on the end says # " Maybe you should take into your local store 15 miles away " ----

great thinking sherlock


I GOTO PC WORLD : Yet another human with the capacity of a moth , 300 million sperm and that's the one that got threw .

TELLS ME " We don't do that because we are are not obliged to fix it " ,"But i have a piece of paper with a customer reference that a trusted toshiba services man gave me :(

Ok hold my breath walk out and go and phone TOSHIBA up again not a problem ................
This is where it gets good , I phone you after speaking to another 4 or 5 people on your side .

When I get to speak to someone that's happy to help but at a price ,who decides to become law and Order roled into one, the conversation gets silly and YOU throw potential threats and jargon around #congrates your grease monkey can read off a pdf document ,well so can mine ,but fortunate she has practiced Law for the last 10 years and is pretty accurate ...

but again I said Polite so here it is :

YOUR QUOTE TO FIX YOUR PRODUCT ::: 100 + GBP give or take just depends on how constructive your people decide to be that day ...

So here is my QUOTE

TOSHIBA 8 : average length 20 minutes 8 GBP
PC WORLD 4 @ 1.50 min 15 GBP
Loss of Earnings : 90 GBP @ 5 DAYS 410 GBP


As I mentioned I'm a reserved man ,but getting shafted by TOSHIBA from all angles does has Limits

Now what I would like to see arriving on my front door is a new brand spanking Laptop with " WE ARE SORRY " note attached .
but for some reason I don't get that impression ?????

I'm hoping we can remedy this issue in a sensible fashion ,
If we can't , I do have a great idea of posting a YOUTUBE video of me destroying your product with several sharp objects , counter productive maybe ,but when it hits a million hits I'm sure I will get another company to give me a laptop out the kindness of there heart ................

Now for forum posters I apologize for raining on your day , to TOSHIBA please try to understand why I'm a little bit upset .

Have a nice day



PM ME .......................................

11-09-2009, 10:04 AM
I must have hit the right chord , one of the main people at Toshiba phoned this morning .

" Very nice and very polite "

Problem solved

Toshiba Tech GB
11-10-2009, 01:50 AM
Dear Mr Scott,

we apologise for the trouble caused.
After a closer look at your case, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd offers you a full refund for your Toshiba product.

Please contact me by using our web form.
Toshiba contact form (http://toshiba.co.uk.url-Site.com)

Yours sincerely

Adam Logan

Public Relations
Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd
Toshiba Court, Weybridge Business Park
Addlestone Road
KT15 2UL

11-10-2009, 01:53 AM
/\ this is a joke ? I belive it when I see it , nice linkage to youtube made me laugh

11-10-2009, 02:03 AM
This could never be a joke. I think they're dead serious about that link.

11-10-2009, 10:44 AM
mannaged to save all the data from laptop HD onto my pc via sata cable , I little bit more at ease .

The only good thing about that day was , I blew away 40k Merc at the lights in my wifes 1.8 Vovlo "he was not happy esp when I slowed right down and flipped him the burd " its all about clutch control my friend .

you should have seen his face , he must have red lined in 2nd gear .............bibi SMOKED

11-10-2009, 10:48 AM
Chinese engineering strikes again. toshiba hasn't made a laptop in Japan in years. I tossed mine maybe 4 months after I bought it for whatever money I could get for it after it started flaking out on a major scale. bought it in england too but not at PC world.

11-10-2009, 10:58 AM
They where ment to pick up today and guess what ............... hmmm

thinking of taking it upto my old work , setting up on the range and blowing the Shizzle right out of it .