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11-07-2009, 09:51 AM
During the Vista years, I stayed with XP Pro and XP 64 since Vista seemed to eat up so much time (that I just couldn't waste) with installation and configuration issues and wasn't compatible with my older, but very usable equipment. My three systems with their XP OS more than serve my needs.

Having said that, I know that someday I will need to upgrade the XP OS. In doing so, I realize that an upgrade from XP to Windows 7 involves wiping the system drive clean and starting over. This is no problem for me since I never leave data on the system drive and I assign the task of OS installation and configuration to my dealer.

Windows 7 looks interesting since it has XP Virtualization technology that, in theory, will allow me to use my older equipment. This morning, I ran the upgrade advisor reports on all three machines and found that two of them can run the Virtualization technology. None of them, including my brand new Asus laptop, can run Aero but that doesn't seem to be a great loss. Other than the need to update certain things on each computer, all three computers are compatible with Windows 7.

Has anyone run the XP Virtualization technology with older equipment? If so, what problems or issues have you run into. Have you run into any issues with VT5 or the stand alone version of SE? I read somewhere in the forums that there is a problem with capture and quicktime in SE v.1.5.5. My reports indicate that there are also issues with PowerDVD and Roxio. Is anyone using this software with Windows 7? If there are issues here, what alternative software are you using?