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CC Rider
11-02-2009, 09:19 AM
This is not a desperate situation...just want to fine tune my machine:

I'm setting up a RAID stripe on a Mac Pro.
I'll be editing lots of video from this drive and it seems like a good idea to set the block size to 128k or 256k rather than go with the default 32k.
Is there a downside to using a large block size like this other than the obvious inefficient space allocation?

Seems I've read in a few places of problems related to using this setting...anyone here have experience with this?

I set up before using the default of 32k block size and get a little bit of freezing during playback on some hi def clips (in full screen mode)...is this where I should start?

8-Core Mac Pro
6GB Ram
Snow Leopard

Let me know if you need more info...