View Full Version : My house's toilet bowl--sorry double posting

08-30-2003, 07:18 PM
hi friends,
i just finished a scene for fun, based on the idea of my toilet bowl... well in reality it's... even dirtier :)

anyways, i'm a newbie lightwaver, and currently taking a class for it, and i really wanna improve my skills....

so please...HIT ME HARD! all kinds of critiques are welcomed!
i don't need useless flatters... thanx really appreciate it.

take care

btw, sorry for the previous post, coz i forgot to attach the image.

08-30-2003, 09:48 PM
Gross ;)

It's a bit too dark and the scale on the wall texture seems off... so does the bump and spec...

The seat seems to small too...

Looks a bit like a prison... ;)

08-30-2003, 11:35 PM
Looks good. I like the back bit of the toilet apparatus (whatever the thingy-magig is called), the texture there lokks well nice.
Here's what I would do though:

$ - the toilet bowl is maybe a bit too shiny and clean looking. Try breaking up the specular by making a specular map (or a procedural). Speculars often look best when they are not so perfect. Also try adding a bump texture around the rim of the bowl to suggest all kinds of gunge that may be down there. Copy that bump channel and paste it into the colour channel and give it an appropriate colour (.....brown maybe). You can use a weight map as an alpha layer if you want to limit the grunge to the rim of the bowl.

$ - The background wall. The discontinous nature if the texture is kind of disconcerting. If you UV map the polygons so that the two faces of the wall are next to each other, you will be able to paint a textue that is a little more continuous, particularly along that edge. Also, it looks as if you are using a prettly low resolution image for the texture. This gives the wall a slightly blurred appearance, relative the the finer texrures of the toilet bowl. Try using a sharper image if you can.

$ - The lights. At the minute you cannot really see much of a shadow being cast from your light. This may be because it is directly behind the camera, or your light may not be casting shadows at all. As a result, the scene does not have much of a sence of depth to it. Try moving you shadow casting light a little more the the upper right of the camera, so tha it is casting shadows down across the scene.

$ - When modelling the background objects, try to round out the edges a little. They look way too sharp and dangerous for naked bums at the minute!

Those are just a couple of ideas off the top of my head. Hope This helps you a little bit!

09-01-2003, 08:18 AM
richpr and CiaranM : thanx for the reply

richpr: uhm i guess it is too dark after all, i was kind of lazy after a while of texturing all the things and then setting lights. did everything in about a night so at the last part (lighting) i was already exhausted haha. about the prison thing, i guess i intended it to be, i don't know but i always wanted to do a dirty toilet bowl scene :p

CiaranM: i'm still struggling to find out how diffuse and specular maps really works... i mean sometimes i just don't see much differences when applying maps to those two channels (unless i increase the setting to mad).... i guess it's my newbie thing :D

hmm about the weight map, i've never tried that before, actually first time hearing about weight map applied for surfacing thing...
i thought weight maps work for bone stuffs... can u tell me more about this and how?

hmm haven't got any good hi res image at the moment, so i found one by accident and turned out...as it is... my bad. i'll keep this in mind though, thanx

hmm didn't really pay attention to the shadows... oops, when i was lighting the toilet bowl, maybe i was paying too much attention to key/fill part... so i'll improve for next time.

ahh yeah the killer sharp edge, seriously it could kill some one!
man, i didn't even notice it until you mention it... what a fool i am,
i've read a hint somewhere about bevelling these type of edges but i just completely forgotten about it.

well, i learnt some great points here, so please keep the critiques hard, friends and thanx a lot for your time advising.

take care for now :)