View Full Version : Model to Game engine / game preview?

10-28-2009, 03:45 AM
I've been looking to build game assets and use some competitions on websites like Game Artist to get me going. A requirement for the final image is that it be shown rendered in a game engine. So I've been looking at what is involved in getting a model into a game engine. I'm on a Mac and mod editors like gtkradiant look like they need a bit of coding. After exporting a collada file to a Torque 3D project folder I'm guessing I wasn't able to see my model because it was missing the right code. But exporting to Unity 3D has promising reviews of ease.

I'm ok that this is an area that has its own expertise but what I'm getting at is the possibility for this kind of game environment/game shader preview to be available in the 3D program, like Lightwave. Is this possible?

An artist on the Game Artist forum has managed to build a custom shader that allows a game shading-like preview inside the viewports of 3DS Max here (http://www.game-artist.net/forums/support-tech-discussion/9181-xoliul-s-3ds-max-viewport-shader.html), and a preview of one of his models in the viewport shader here. (http://www.game-artist.net/forums/game-artist-mini-competition/11360-gamc-3-xoliul-3.html)

10-28-2009, 07:33 PM
er, probably found what I'm looking for in the now free download for Unity.

It has a 30 day demo in Unity Pro mode after which you can use it in 'free unlimited' mode.