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08-30-2003, 03:55 PM
I'm using VT[3] and smiling all the way. A few bugs... sure A major leap forward? Absolutely.

Anyway, I'm doing the marking a video to the beat thing and I love this feature. My question is: If I try to do really fast beats, the markers can't keep up. I've tried different keyboards with no change in results. If I really want to rip into a beat, what is the practical limitation of VT[3]?

Paul Lara
08-30-2003, 04:11 PM
Originally posted by gosmond
I'm using VT[3] and smiling all the way [but] ...if I really want to rip into a beat, what is the practical limitation of VT[3]?

I guess there is the OS issue that a re-draw for each marker is necessary, but that is certainly no limitation to the available speed of your marks.

Tool Shed to the rescue
Thanks to the ability to use the Marker modifications inside Tool Shed, you can easily set marks on the major beat, and then multiply that by 2x, 3x, 4x, or even 5 times your original tempo!


08-30-2003, 04:14 PM
Hey Paul,
How about a switch from good ole Doc Cross for a 'no redraw' mode?
I always thought it was my slow 2.6 Dual Xeon that was the culprit. :p

But I will be playing with the ToolShed options.

09-08-2003, 03:43 AM
Something similar to AfterEffects perhaps? When capslock is on the output composition gets a big red border and doesn't show any updates, leaving you free to tweak a load of complex parameters which you know will take ages to refresh after each one. Take capslock off and view the result. Sweet and simple...

However, if it were implemented in VT imagine how quickly these threads would fill up with:

"Have you got capslock on?"
"Oh yeah"

09-17-2003, 08:41 PM
If markers can not be entered fast enough...

We could probably add a quick Tscript that holds the marker times as you enter them, and does not send them in for actual updating of the timeline till you stop editor playback.


- Aussie

09-17-2003, 08:44 PM
That would be a super-addition to workflow speed enhancement, Aussie!