View Full Version : Quick Tip: Acad solids to LW

10-22-2009, 09:22 PM
For many I'm sure this will be a "duh" point, but I thought I'd pass along this quick work flow in any case.

In Autocad 2010 you can export any solid as an .stl file. The main catch is to make sure that the objects inside Autocad all rest in positive axis space.

If anything sits in a negative X,Y,or Z axis in Autocad it will not maintain the proper spacial relationship when imported into Lightwave.

The work flow I currently use is to select for example all of the walls and export them into one .stl file, then the floors, ceiling, braces fittings etc.

Each object that should be a separate mesh is given its own .stl file.

For cleanup I have found that LW's poly reduction tools work great for many primitive objects to remove the coplanar triangles that the stl export process creates.

Inside of Autocad one thing you may want to do is to set the geometry to its highest facet level with the facetres=10 command.

The export command in Autocad is stlout.

Using the native Autocad solids has eliminated the need for me to have to deal with extruding dxf floor plans and the like.

I hope this has helped.

Happy Lightwaving