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10-13-2009, 06:05 PM
i haven't thought this all the way through yet but here goes.

what we had somthing to return things back to rest positions or a
percentage between rest or set positions.

yall know carm3d(think thats his name) he did somthing with a foot rig
were it bent the toe when on the ground then rested when it wasn't on the ground.

make a plugin to where you can give post "overrride" affects to an item's
keyframes. like natural positions. like i hold my arm in the air but if i don't
use my muscle to hold it up it will fall to a natural state of rest.

i know we could use dynamics for some stuff but this could be a way around it or faster solution because we could manually set the states of rest for the items that the plugin will be applied to.

another example would be a squishy ball. it knows its natural shape is a
ball and when you squish it and let go it goes back to it's original rest shape. we could control the speed of return using splines and sets of
predefined "inbetween" keyframes assigned to the model/item that would
control how the rest position is returned.

mainly so it want be like a morph taking the shortest route back.

i hope that don't sound too retarded.

10-13-2009, 07:54 PM
What about being able to store poses and have poses for different parts of the body in t hose states? Then you could simply load or copy those poses to when and where you need them.
Theres at least 3 ways of doing this:
1. IKBoost
2. Motion Mixer
3. Timothy Albee as some lscriipts
Theres also a couple of other old plugins for storing and reusing poses.