View Full Version : hypervoxel sprites: "particle birth time"?

10-13-2009, 07:26 AM
pixie dust has a gradient layer called particle birth time, which is what i am needing on some HV sprites. anyone know how to manage this in HV as opposed to pixie dust?

i am creating a smoke trail that changes density over time (think sputtering engine). obviously if i gradient the density with "time", the entire trail would change together, which is not correct. the gradient "relative particle age" is already being used to diffuse the smoke as it ages and is not the only effect i need for density variation.

i have a rig that works using particle birth rate, and thus the density of the trail, but when birth rate gets low, the trail looks like individual smoke puffs...you see each particle individually.

thanks in advance

10-16-2009, 07:57 AM
well..avoiding these particle puffs are a common problem in lightwaves
particle and hypervoxels system, maybe thatīs why no one has an answer
to you about that.

the only thing you really can use, is just the particle age gradient or relative particle age gradient on different channels like dissolve,density,and thickness.

you could also try a distance to object gradient so the more the particles stray away from the base emitter it will fade away.

depending on your particles motion behavior it might help a little bit using
a particle speed gradient to dissolve it.

Lightwave needs newtek or someone to write a plugin or tool for lightwave
hypervoxels that uses a gradient to fade out the hv:s by distance between particles, this has been requested since years ago and would
make a huge impact on a lot from proper liquid fluid look to avoiding strayed away individual smoke puffs.
Why it hasnīt been done I donīt know or if it is to difficult to do with the current lightwave.

an advice is to learn how to keep all the particles behavior and motions
pretty close to eachother in a constrained way so they donīt stray away, so some tweaking with particle resistance and weight and speed is necessary and do not use to much power in winds etc, using an particle age gradient on the hv size also helps a little at the end of particles life.
Also..increasing amount of particle helps a little.

if you still have some singel puffs, you might wanna go to the edit fx tab
and remove those awful single puffs..itīs a hack thou.


10-19-2009, 05:47 PM
thanks for your reply, the distance to object is a great suggestion for trailing particles. i don't think i'm going to get this problem solved in any easy way but your feedback is appreciated. if i stumble upon a solution i will be sure to reveal what it is.