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10-08-2009, 03:51 PM
Hi All,

Just started this thread to bring to light some information that not everyone may know.

To start with for along time now...Mental Ray...one of the main 3D renders (Mental Ray, Renderman, Vray, LW, Brazil, etc..) in the market had been owned by Mental Images.

Guess who owns Mental Images?

Nvidia....yeah Nvidia (since 2007).

And Guess what Mental Images just announced...
Yes, there's a new GPU based renderer...Mental iRays.

I only found out that Mental Images was owned by Nvidia due to the press release for Mental iRays.

So this brings up questions and concerns...as to who gets what support, development, for how much, etc...dealing with Nvidia.

Here is another little known info...

Digital Domain's compositor NUKE.

Was sold to plugin developer "the Foundry"...out of the UK.
Guess who owns "the Foundry"?

Digital Domain.

Now for another compositor...we all love here....Fusion from Eyeon.

Guess who owns Eyeon?

Harris Corp.

Sometimes it's good to get a business overview of the companies and products your dealing with....

As with those such as Autodesk, etc....your seeing their huge might being brought down into the market...or dictating market directions....

But companies such as Mental Images...which is a huge part of the rendering industry...being controled through Nvidia...keeps more of its intensions behind the scenes...

Remember Business is business...so be aware...not just what feature set an application has...but to better understand the business side...of who owns who...

Let me know what you think...and put up your findings on production related products and their owners here.


10-09-2009, 01:51 AM
Guess who owns NewTek ....... yup Autodesk!

No wait, erm, I think I got that wrong! Long live NewTek! :)

10-09-2009, 01:53 AM
Without being flippant about it, this is really just corporate issues - Digital Domain sold Nuke to a separate corporate entity, to all intents, but which it owns anyway. So what?

At the sharp end of using this stuff, ie. where we all are, who owns who and what may not make any real difference. I agree on evolving support/subscription policies, especially when perceived to be a downturn, but again, you have to work with it; sure, be vocal about any concerns you have, but what counts for us is what's on offer, what does it do, does it do what it says it does, and how much does it cost?

That's it isn't it? Ideas and companies get bought out all the time, but in all the years I've bought and used this stuff, the experience of affording and working with these tools has got better and better, overall.

A few years ago, I made an 'executive' :) decision to not use and upgrade Maya anymore. Did I worry that Alias or AD would care? No!

It's not that the points are not valid or interesting to some degree, it's just there's a bit of a 'so what?' about them.


10-09-2009, 02:31 AM
it's interesting when apps get sold around and then see what happens to them..

bryce used to be owned by metacreations when i bought it..they were a great company back then in 1996-97-98 and looked to be geting ahold of all the cool up n coming 2d and 3d apps..then we had fractal design also with painter and expression..and poser..

10+years on>>
bryce has been shuffled around quite abit between owners..corel sat on it for a few years..now it's at daz3d

corel also took on painter and to be fair they did quite a good job with it over the years.

3dstudio...then 3dstudio max...always was under the autodesk parent company but was at various stages promoted by satalite companies such as kinetix and discreet

ati graphics cards creator were bought by AMD...

autodesk aquired...well..SO many companies over the last few years..
discreet logic>>for flame, inferno, paint, effect, lightscape
alias>> alias studio, maya, sketchbook pro
softimage>>xsi, 3dsmax c.a.t plugin, face robot.

autodesk also bought quite a few plugins an pushed them into 3dsmax...the list is so long i won't bore you!:D...a few headliners though>>
the cloth plugin, lightscape renderer engine, character studio, the hard body sim engine used in most games currently 'havok', particle flow and hair and fur from joe alter...last biggy was polyboost plugin for max 2010.

regards nvidia's iray [mental ray] i'll guess we'll be seeing that in 3dsmax, maya and softimage in their next updates...lucky for me i didn't spend much on my G card for my quad core so once this is out i might update it to a much more iray capable card.;D

10-09-2009, 06:25 AM
You should check CGTalk's news section, you would have known about Nvidia and Mental Images a couple of years ago ;)

Obviously Nvidia had previously developed Gelato, a GPU based renderer, so the combination of that with the company that produced Mental Ray was obviously going to go down the route of a GPU based renderer for the masses.

10-09-2009, 06:59 AM
I don't see how it affects anyone really.

You can find out this information quite easily if you are interested but unless you have some aversion to a particular company, its pretty irrelevant.

10-09-2009, 10:25 AM
Obviously Nvidia had previously developed Gelato, a GPU based renderer.

Actually it was "GPU accelerated", Gelato was slow and only few chunks of the program ran with the help of the GPU.

10-09-2009, 10:51 AM
Don't forget all those patents they get when buying other tech companies.

10-09-2009, 11:59 AM
dear ray

i got it all except that Digital Domain - The Foundry thing.

- Hey The Foundry! i have NUKE here
- Woow Nuke...can i have it
- Yes there you go ...
- How im gonna pay?
- Pay what? I own you
- Damn i keep forgetting..

agree with matt there, long live NewTek...


10-09-2009, 12:13 PM

Much ado about nothing.

10-09-2009, 06:01 PM
dear ray

i got it all except that Digital Domain - The Foundry thing.

- Hey The Foundry! i have NUKE here
- Woow Nuke...can i have it
- Yes there you go ...
- How im gonna pay?
- Pay what? I own you
- Damn i keep forgetting..

agree with matt there, long live NewTek...


Well, then let me back track an add in some missing thoughts.

1) Digital Domain is one of the major FX houses in the world..
they created NUKE from their inhouse compositor...and tried to add a software arm to the company.

2) Problem is that other houses didn't want to be stuck limited to a compeditor's software that might not be the latest and greatest that DD has inhouse. Thus Nuke was considered interesting but not many ran to buy the product cause they didn't want to get tied down to the crumbs that DD would give out. DD also needed some additional UI and other updates to help improve their product.

So what to do...what to do.

3) Well at this same time, a very innovative company "The Foundry" out of the UK, had started to try to create a plugin FX standard OFX (OpenFX - http://openfx.sourceforge.net/) , and also released some very innovative products around that...and really pushed the industries innovations....the partners of the Foundry wanted to expand and develop more but cash was needed to jump start this whole process.

4) Now step in Digital Domain....they first created a distribution programs through The Foundry...but few knew that DD was the capital for the foundry.

Then to help leverage the market..."selling" Nuke to the foundry...was a play to help other houses to feel that they wouldn't be stuck with DD's left overs.
And with the Foundry promising a new UI and a major feature and overhaul of Nuke...it slipped by that the foundry was now a company owned by DD.

Thus the shell game of business...

Now is this a good move for DD yes...It is a good move for users and houses to get NUKE, yes :)

But sometimes it's good to know who you are getting into bed with...and any history they may have that can come and bite you in the end.

To all you DD folks, if I left anything out please add to or correct me...but this is from what I know.


10-09-2009, 06:05 PM
As for NewTek,

They are a privately held company that is on its own. FWIK.


Yeah, I agree, long life to NewTek :)


10-09-2009, 08:13 PM
dear ray

wow ! :) thanks for the explanation.

That reminds me a case that i was working for an international law company. Country X has a problem with Country Y but also wanted to sell very hi-tech equipment to Country Y.

Country X made an agreement Country Z and sold this equipment to Z and Z sold this equipment to Y and all other Y(ish) countries and gave them service. Strange though none of the governments understood that Country X behind the all transaction. We worked on this case 2 years to cover up every traces.

But Ray, if industry knows this why they still invest on DD's Nuke? Weta and others?


10-10-2009, 12:58 AM
dear ray

wow ! :) thanks for the explanation.

But Ray, if industry knows this why they still invest on DD's Nuke? Weta and others?


Well again it has a double effect.

1)those not in the know...think that NUKE is now completely independent.

2)those who are in the know...now see that DD has added a seperate company in charge of NUKE (many personally know the partners/developers at the foundry)...even though DD has the largest stake in the foundry...it is still seen as seperated enough...with a voiced direction...that it helps to win over some.

Also don't forget some studios will go with it just to help better match up together for when they work together on projects.

So will this all work...time will tell.

Nuke has gotten a growing following...though for me I still love my Fusion.
with an occasional AE...and Mirage.