View Full Version : FBX import works on one machine but not another

10-08-2009, 03:34 AM
I've received a FBX file from a CAD artist. He's been building a structure for me to render, and he wants to see what I can come up with of render quality, speed and looks. And as we all know - LightWave does a good job for all those mentioned. :thumbsup:

I received the FBX-file on my MacBook, and I didn't bring the dongle. FBX import was just a drag-and-drop gesture and it was loaded nicely.

When I tried this at work I get an error about it cannot import the file, and it gives me a line with the whole file path to the file. Nothing to really get any information out of.

I could probably load the FBX onto the MacBook, but hell, it's an extremely high poly (though not so detailed.. LOADS of tris...) object - Modeler is incredibly slow and will eventually crash when I work my way around it starting to merge polys.

Have you got any idea what may cause the FBX import error? Am I missing an import plugin for some reason? :screwy: