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10-08-2009, 02:04 AM

i am trying to sync the vue camera to the lightwave. tried everything to make them in the same position ....still the renders wont match... the thing is that i cant find any kind of resolution type and aspect ratio same between the softwares. and i tried using the custom ratio with square pixels but no use. the render of lightwave is a bit zoom. i see something in lightwave as Zoom factor...which may be the reason but it cannot be changed individualy

any how it would be greatful if someone could solve me #

in short I want a camera in lightwave and one in Vue that will render the same with the same objects


10-08-2009, 04:41 PM
Matching Vue Camera to Lightwave and back.

Use Vue sync LW plugin to export the lw camera to vue. If you need to resize the scene, be sure to adjust the "scale" setting for the view camera to match the scaling of the object. Try values of 10 or 50, depending on the version of vue. Also try setting Vue's Options/units and coords internal unit to 10.

To "export" the vue camera to match in LW, make a box while the camera is selected in vue. This will position the box on top of the camera. copy rotation from camera to box to point like the vue camera for reference in LW. You can set it as a child of the camera if needed. Scale the box so it is small in vue so it fits around the vue camera for better reference. Export the scene to lws with the box selected.
Import the box from the exported lws into the counter matching scene. Partent the lw camera to the box and reset the camera pos and rot. Set lw camera rot to H: -180 P: -90 B: 0 .Be sure to keyframe the camera. Match the field of view settings from vue to LW by using the zoom (lens length) and aspect ratio camera settings. Verify the rotation match with a vue render in the lw backdrop.

If needed, parent the entire scene except the box-and camera set to a Master null to scale to match a reference object exported from the vue scene. Again, try values of 10 or 50, depending on the version of vue.

This thread may have some more info for you.

I hope this helps. :thumbsup: