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08-28-2003, 10:54 PM
For anyone interested in the NZLWUG (aka 'Kiwavers') 28th August meeting, it was small, but it was cool and went something like this!

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Well, a smaller turnout, but with a larger amount of participation then any other meeting! Very cool!

I used the waiting time for users to play a few small animations, etc. One funny (but pretty sad) animation about user CIM (someone who's been banned from a variety of web forums for his negativity), an episode of Invader Zim (trust me to NOT pick episodes that demo'd the cool LW Celshaded artwork!)... I also had a slideshow of photos from Siggraph 2003 and some cool photo's from a great little LWUG in Germany to show the people at the meeting just what the rest of the world was up too!

Food tonight was Pizza - Thanks to Stuart for suggesting it, Nicola for ordering it (and picking it up at the door!) and Myself for paying for it! :) 4 Delicious Pizza's... Mmmmm...


Well, no, not really! :)

I started out with a look at shift's AfterImageFilter, an image filter that simulated the effect of keeping the aperature of the camera open for a longer period. That way you could simulate the trails of light you see from car lights, etc. We tested it with a particle fountain of Lensflares which was fun. This is a plugin that has a few nice possibilities... You can check it out here : http://www.shift.gr.jp/html/staff/sp/sp000005.html

I also demoed an early version of an imagefilter Lscript I wrote that quickly draws 'grass' onto polygons. Quick and dirty, the effect is still quite nice... I still need to do a little more work on this one...


Showed us some his stuff, a very nice CG rendition of MC Eschers 'Ripples' animated in LightWave using the cool 'RippleS' plugin we looked at a few weeks back...

Showed us his cool modeler plugin for working with symetry and geometry. He followed this up with a really nifty new system (and even a 'builder' tool) to create cool looking dialog boxes for LScript projects, in a similiar style to those you see in Windows! Very nice work!

Sami also bought along a new model he'd been working on - He took the opportunity to show us the model and ask for feedback and ideas to help him work out a few things. Nice work, and good to get someone using the group to get some feedback!

Showed more AVI demos of some of the very cool new plugins he's been working on developing with his partners at www.tufflittleunit.com - This time some examples of a new 'wrinkle shader' and one of those nifty surface shaders that uses a camera view to paint a render onto a surface. Very cool as always, and its nice to get some plugin demos from developers! Thanks!

Hehehe! As always, logan showed us some fun projects he'd been doing - This time, some work on adding effects to the StarWars kid (You gotta check this site out for bizarre! http://www.jedimaster.net) that were pretty funny! He also showed us a few diagramatic technical models and renders he's been doing for some products.

All in all - Awesome stuff and many, many thanks to everyone who shared their stuff with us!

We took a look quickly at some Siggraph stuff. Unfortunately the media player on the PC just wouldn't cope with asf, wmv or even Quicktime files that weren't 'old'. But some played - We only spent a short time watching this stuff...

I downloaded and installed 'Digital Confusion' demo from the www.eyeonline.com website. This really has to be the coolest compositing application ever! After seeing it demo'd at last weeks LW World Tour, I just had to have a quick play for myself!

We closed up the evening with some Strong Bad fun! Check out www.homestarrunner.com for a litte light relief!

It was fun - Stuart, Simon and I popped into the Jazz Bar for a quick drink before heading home for the night...

As for Competition? That's still open - Suggestions included:
* Download the 'Starwars Kid' footage and see who can create the funniest
'variation' of it using LightWave!
* Compositing Live and CG together to create a cool short animation

But I'm open to suggestions!

See you all in September!

09-07-2003, 09:49 PM
BTW, our first REAL competition for NZ LW'ers has started!

The competition is 'Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?' - Image or animation, but only 3 weeks to do it! NewMagic (http://www.newmagic.com.au) kindly donated 3 x back-catalogue 'Class on Demand' video tapes that I will be giving away over the next 3 meetings as prizes for monthly competitions!

It'll be great to see what the locals manage to turn out! And with some prizes that are better then my self-funded attempts, I'm hoping for a bit more participation! :)

09-08-2003, 02:09 AM
Originally posted by kevman3d
You gotta check this site out for bizarre! http://www.jedimaster.net)

We closed up the evening with some Strong Bad fun! Check out www.homestarrunner.com for a litte light relief!

Thnaks for the fun links Kevin. Everyone *must* watch the homestarrunner first movie, then watch again with the commentary. Biggest laugh I've had in a while.