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08-28-2003, 05:36 PM
I'd request to NewTek developers to make a full and respectable
*.dwg import plugin.

Doing this, i think that many other requests, regarding
architectural and mechanical visualisations, may attend some time
before they are released.
....becouse all that information may be reduced and managed
easily in confront with actual convertion type......
this means less 'remodeling', 'normal' 'frequent' changes of
the projects by the client are not anoying, and... less rendering times...!


08-29-2003, 12:19 AM
Well, DWGs are flat - would that save so much time? You would still have to extrude everything. I also think it would require some major beefing up of Lw's splines to get correct arcs etc.


08-29-2003, 08:26 AM
Originally posted by Mylenium
Well, DWGs are flat - would that save so much time? You would still have to extrude everything. I also think it would require some major beefing up of Lw's splines to get correct arcs etc.


well.... as i know dwg are not only flat.
those includes: surfaces and solids also.
dwg includes so many other data type: dimensions, linestyles,
hatches and so on.
all this extra data at this moment, have no importance for LW.
But all the basic information: volumes, surfaces, layers, light
positions and orientations, viewports,etc,, can be imported
(imposible totally yet) without to much efforts to LW.
or not?

08-29-2003, 08:59 AM
Why bother to make an DWG import directly into LW if it doesn't include any time saving information? I agree with Mylenium that it isn't very useful.

You can convert dwg into many other 2Dvector formats including Illustrator which you can import into LW.

Importing IGES format would be much more useful. But unless you can live with tesselating your geometry it means that Newtek will have to include NURBS support in LW. I for one will cross my fingers for that rather than DWG support.

08-29-2003, 09:09 AM
Well, even though I'm not totally sure (whenever I hear "AutoCAD", it gives me the creeps), I don't think that you could extract more than the pure geometry from the file. Everything else is just used internally, so why should anyone want to convert such information?

Line styles are useless, they get converted to standard lines/ polys/ splines anyway. They are only used to distinguish different layers, axes and element data in CAD.

Dimensions are not really critical and only increase filesize (once you got a rendered image, it really doesn't matter whether it's 3mm more or less if everything looks ok). How true the geometry is to the drawing is really only a problem of how precisely it is saved and whether the relative element positions are intact. Extra measurement info in most cases is only throw away data.

Viewport info is not really making sense. Personally I hate it already if I open LW scene files that use a layout other than single screen and since programs normally are not compatible with their drawing routines, it makes little sense.

Solids are critical since they are created only when the file is opened. All elements ar taken from the primitive library of the program itself. LW would need to reconstruct all this info from its own primitives. Not very reliable and in practice everyone should know that it is essential to convert all solids, booleans and trims from CAD into polys or surfaces/ patches before exporting it to an animation program.


08-29-2003, 09:50 AM
I didn't say that i need those extra data.
my request into this thread consist primarily in the 3D data from *.dwg files and why not the lights position. while the architects and constructors are drawing their
project and positioning the lights in that *.dwg, why anyone of us
need to redraw, reposition lights and repair the mesh.
Is only this type of data i'd prefer to be imported correctly into
modeler (saving me time which i'd prefer to spend in other
areas of that project: texturing, lightning and rendering).
i too don't need that extra data.

1- i'd prefer importing quad polygons instead of tripled ones.
2- .... divided in modeler's layers and why not renamed properly.
3- imported lights positioning

anyway this is only a request by me.


09-03-2003, 08:10 AM
A DWG file is not necessarily 2D, it can be 3D so the Illustrator route is no use. However, it's very unlikely that there will ever be an importer for either .DWG files, or .max files for that matter, that doesn't require the original package since both formats don't describe the object in the same way that OBJs, LWOs and DXFs do. Rather than being a list of points, polys, surfaces and so on, they are a set of instructions on how to go about creating an object, as in: "Make a box of this dimension at this location and boolean subtract it with a sphere of this dimension at this location. Now apply surface 1 to the unbooleaned ares of the box and apply surface 2 to the booleaned areas and so on..."

The only solution for an AutoCAD user is to export their object in OBJ or IGES formats.


09-04-2003, 07:49 AM
Dwg import would be very good for at least this one reason.

Scaled reference material.

I have to go through several hoops to get there now since LW doesn't handle direct import.

I basically take the flat 2D floor plan and elevations and load them on a background layer. Then I create new objects in the foreground.

They aren't worth extruding but save a ton of time by having them correctly scaled - much like many people use bitmaps in the background layers for reference.

Laying a scale on a set of prints or having to have a CAD program open to pull dimensions is very time consuming. So why not "trace" what you need.