View Full Version : Stills and Watch files

09-19-2009, 07:38 AM
Hi All,

With the news of SE2 being tested and set to be released in 4Q this year.

I just wanted to request to see if it would be possible for a couple of things for all us 3D folks out here...

It would be nice for SE to be able to auto load a sequence...using what is called a watch folder...or to auto load and save off an avi or other format for playback...

How this would work is to direct our 3D stills to a specific folder.
then SE would auto load those stills and make an avi or so from that and ready to playback.

If this can't be automated, can this be setup so that just direct SE to a specific folder and would auto load the files within it...then we can playback or save off the avi/video file to where we need.

Something else that is missing for many.
Your Press Release give some limited still file formats and mentions nothing about formats that support more that 8 bit color.

Will there be any support for DPX or OpenEXR?
It would be very helpful for production purposes to be able to load OpenEXR since that is something we can render from LW 3D...and will need to be able to view it.