View Full Version : Changing the Model After its Rigged and Animated

09-10-2009, 01:22 PM
Hi guys, I have a question about rigging...

I have a lateral view of a humanoid, halved cadaver that I thought was done, so I spent hours and hours rigging it and getting the animation just right. Now, I find out that the client needs to move just one component of the model's larynx down and back. I can do this in modeler pretty easily... but I don't want to lose all the timing and animation data that I've worked so hard to make.

The rig uses a combination of bones (many of which are linked to control bones via IKBoost), some with and some without weightmaps, and morphs. The morphs are no problem, and the weightmaps will stay if I adjust the model (right?) but how do I move the bones around (relative to each other) without destroying the animation/deform data? Is there some way to disable all animation, move the stuff and reset its initial start point, and then turn it back on? I tried bone edit mode, but after I re-enabled it and turned on Deform, my model got all wonky. Any tutorials or advice out there for changing your model after the animation?

09-10-2009, 03:02 PM
The weight maps and morphs will be fine.
You can move the bones around using the move path tool.
You could also save the animation as a motion clip using IKB, kill the animation on the rig, readjust things and then load the motion clip back.