View Full Version : Hey, this might be a bug, but it's awesome!

Mutley Eugenius
09-08-2009, 10:13 PM
Let's say you want a few short clips out of a long clip into a new short sequence, and then you'll put them in a storyboard & drag them around.

OK, so check this out. You drag a clip onto the timeline in Speededit and you play it, pressing 'c' occasionally to cut bits out of it.

Then, delete all the bits you don't want, which will be the long sections in between.

then, drag the short bits into the approximate secuence, say bit 5 becomes bit 2, so you drag it between 1 and 3 etc.

draw a select box around the whole bunch and then...

click & drag the bunch onto the top grey bar of Speededit's window, and drop them there. Watch what happens.

They instantly get slammed back onto the timeline right at the editline in a group in perfect sequence with no gaps!

This is even quicker than going to the storyboard & deleting the gaps with the other awesome function of select a gap & press delete repeatedly until they're all gone - because it autoselects the next gap!

SpeedEdit rocks.

Any bug can be turned into a feature by documenting it.

Ty Whitaker
10-13-2009, 07:18 PM
That is fantastic. I'v got to try this when I get to work tomorrow.