View Full Version : ZB to LW, UV Error

09-03-2009, 02:12 PM
I've imported a basemesh from LW, sculpted it and exported from ZB including disp and normal map. I'm going by Steve Warner's guide from the Wiki but I am getting odd seam errors. The errors have appeared on more than one model so I'm thinking it's something in my procedure.

ZBrush sculpt, level 5, GUV tiles, disp and normal map 2048

Only the face has been setup but you can see the poly edges showing up in different spots.

Tried switching between CC sub-d's and standard sub-d's. I didn't originally have Smooth UVs activated in ZBrush. After the sculpt and it failing and turned them on. Not sure if that is the same as hitting SUV first. Have any of you encountered this before? I see a couple of search hits with similar results but none of them had any answers.

I should also add that this problem doesn't occur with just the displacement map, only when I add the normal map.

It came to mind that the newer versions of LW, 9.5 and up, added a smooth UV feature. I don't know if this caused any problems but is there a way to disable smooth UVs in LW so I can test it?

09-04-2009, 01:59 AM
Yes you can switch off smooth uv. Map/UV interpolation/linear.
But your problem is somehow seam related at least looks like. In zbrush you can adjust the seams somewhere on the tool panel. Fix seams is the name or smg like that.
One more thing, try to export the first level model from Zbrush as an OBJ into LW and try to apply the mapping on that one.