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Normality 3.1 is a powerful plug-in that allows CG Artists to light 3D objects and scenes directly within the familiar Adobe After Effects environment through the use of normal passes and advanced relighting techniques.
The software is production proven and has been used on several high-end projects, including the Paraworld and Frontlines: Fuel of War trailers by Pendulum and A Night at the Cathedral by Studio Lampion.
The shading quality during previews is as high as your final render – while still being able to light single objects or even whole scenes in near real-time (depending on your system configuration).
Normality requires a rendered normal pass from your 3D program of choice — these are very quick to render and easy to apply to your objects or scenes.


* Diffuse Light
* Specular Highlights
* Incidence Shading — New!
* Matcap Shading
* Toon-Shading
* Reflections
* Refractions
* Add as many light sources as you want.
* Adjust light color, intensity, position and more directly via AE’s built-in light controls.
* Real-time preview (depending on your setup).
* All features are supported in 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit (Float) color modes. — New!


Apply Normality to your normal pass layer in After Effects, add a light source and voilà – instant shading!
You can control the lighting using AE’s built-in light sources and tune the look with Normality’s comprehensive shading parameters.


Normality is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

* Normality 3.1 for Windows
* Normality 3.1 for Mac OS X

* Normality 3 User Guide
* Normality 3 Video Tutorial / Part 2
* Tutorial on VIDEO COPILOT
* Frequently Asked Questions


If you enjoy my free software or used it in production I am always grateful for a donation!


Normality is free for use in non-commercial and commercial projects under the condition that I am named in the credits.


The free version of Normality is fully functional and is based on the internal version developed for and used at Studio Lampion.


Normality works with Adobe After Effects CS3 and up on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and on Mac OS X.

For more information please visit: http://www.minning.de/software/normality

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