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08-28-2009, 10:12 AM
www.HD3D.co.tv " 3D FORUM "

Ive opened a new forum "3D general", i need you / members , not trying to steal anybody away from NT or stand on anybodies toes , just needed somewhere to post my CV / DEMO REEL

Ive enabled youtube uploads direct to Post .
Also Live chat
and a few other nice functions

Nothing fancy its just proboards , but i Have no mods / members as yet .
Its more a template / user test . " building something i cant tell you about ,will be open next year " this is just to gain a user /client database .

Post and say hello , anything you feel cant be posted on this site feel free to use mine



www.HD3D.co.tv pass the word on , i want it mainly for jobs and demo .