View Full Version : Missing volumetric lights in a scene?

08-21-2009, 10:27 AM
I'm attaching two images - the first is from a test scene where I created all the lights for the ship, the second is the same ship (and lights) loaded from the test scene into a group shot and parented to a null.

I'm frustrated because It was tough to get the volumetric lights for the engine exhaust to work properly at all, but finally I got all the engines to work at the same time in my test scene.

But now I load that scene object/lights into another scene, and some of them don't render!

Each volumetric light is distant light set for no shadow/ignore ship hull object. Each is also parented to a small point light for actual illumination.

In the second scene, some of the engine lights/vols are set to not render; you can tell which ones because those turned off are completely dark, whereas the lights where the volumetrics aren't working show the blue/purple glow, just no vol.

I can attach a cut down scene if anyway feels like helping, but I'm about at my wits end. :)

08-22-2009, 01:13 AM
It looks like you have them set to go off like retro-rockets? Maybe whatever method you have turning some of the lights off is affecting some of the wrong lights. If you turn them all on, do they show up? If so, make sure your lights have distinct names, don't rely on the auto-numbering; light (3), light (4) etc.

A scene would be nice if that doesn't help, probably wouldn't even need the models either.

08-22-2009, 09:09 PM
Thanks for trying to help!

I don't get it. I'd gotten the glows working working, saved the setup scene, then loaded from the setup scene the objects and lights into my main scene. When the lights didn't work and any amount of tinkering didn't seem to help, I saved the scene, posted here, and closed out for the night. Of course, I reload the next morning, and the bloody things work. I literally did nothing but exit the program, the restart and load the exact same scene the next morning. </scratches_head>

I STILL hate having to create lights in Layout; Modeler should allow actual light creation and save them with the object, vs. the Luxigon hack. But I know most disagree.

Here's the scene with the glows working. The shuttle is in a right-hand turn, so some of the engines are deliberately off.