View Full Version : VT5 RS8 drivers won't load on new computer?

Aaron Video
08-18-2009, 07:03 AM
Is anyone aware of rs8 drivers not loading due to incompatible motherboards. I've manually loaded them into the 'win sys32' folder and the 'win sys32 drivers' folder and still the rs8 will not initiate. Perhaps someone has a list all the drivers required. Maybe I'm missing one? One thing I noticed change after manually loading these drivers is Windows no longer puts up "new hardware found RS8 switcher" requester.
The VT5 card and RS8 check out on other equipment. So I figure it's either something wrong with the installation disk or it's the new motherboard. The installation disk doesn't seem to be the likely problem, seeing how everything else works when installed.
The motherboard I'm using is a micro ATX Asus .
I'm using Win XP service pack3 and I did try a service pack 2 to no avail.
So if anybody can help it would be much appreciated.