View Full Version : Lightwave Bug; Baking out Cubic maps

08-25-2003, 11:23 PM
In my quest for a better baking solution I have thrashed the surface baking ability of LW75 and found the following...please confirm this as I could have a dodgy version.
(I have updated to 7.5c thinking it would fix the problem, and have installed LW7 several times and still these things come up.)

The biggest problem is that Surface Baker crashes when a surface has cubic mapping on it. Please read on....

1) Never enable Texture Anti-aliasing in your surface, it draws
some polygons without texture, just flat colour.
2) Cubic mapping in either Colour or Bump mapping CRASHES
3) You can't surface bake an object that exists in more than
one layer.
4) Baked textures leave ugly black edges, requiring touch-ups
in Photoshop (hint: Render Clouds to fill the black or buy Microwave)
5) Complex meshes cause overdrawing backed textures where one vert might be attached to another vert across the other side of your UV coord map. (solution Unweld, reorganise your UV's and Merge)

Are there any more problems with Surface Baker??

Is there a low-cost plugin alternative to Surface Baker?

Andy H.