View Full Version : PLK (Poser to Lightwave) - Importing certain morphs problems (using Daz)

08-02-2009, 11:27 PM
I spent the last week trying to track down why PLK will not import some morphs out of the Victoria 4.2 morph++ pack.

The reason why it doesn't is simple. There is no vertex data stored for certain morphs. Daz and Poser use things like magnets and SphereZoneProps to manipulate geometry and attach it to dials. Which mean that the Poser Mesh plug in won't pick up morphs that function this way (well, the version I am using is version 1.07).

However, in my quest I have found a solution to this issue. I do not know how to do it in Poser, only Daz. You will need 1 plug in from Daz to make it work, and it is free:


Here is a forum with a load of free plugins one might find useful as well:


The actual steps to take to make it happen are very few, and the simplicity of doing it will make you want to :cry: if you spent hours trying to do it.

Here is my vid tut on how to do it

http://www.vfxcast.com/media/10791/Bring_special_morphs_from_Daz_to_Lightwave_with_PL K/

Heck no I am not going to type it, but u can read it here:


Hope this helps anyone who is thoroughly annoyed by PLK as I was, and with this little piece of Info, it's really opened the use of the plugin!