View Full Version : decent, windows 3D file Browser?

07-18-2009, 10:22 PM
Does anyone know of a decent, (and preferably free) windows file browser style 3D object browser that can view files like LWO?

I've been searching now for several days and so far, all I can find a re a ton load of crappy viewers, that just let you view one file at a time, and doesn't let you just click on the next object in the file list and move on to the next object/file?
You are forced to have to keep searching out for a single file to load in just to view the idiot thing and trust me, that is being polite to say the least LOL

I still have and could end up using my old Deep Exploration, but thats really REALLy out of date and I would much more prefer to have something that can read modern LWO formats as well as all the other newer style formats and such.

Please, I'm begging at this point, I can't take any more of these lame searches that lead you to endless links that only lead you to more endless links and you never or very rarely ever actually get to the file you were looking for Baaa hahahhahahaha going insane sound affects LOL

:bangwall: :cursin: :compbeati :cry:

It weird too, how much more crummy the search engines seem to have become these days?
I mean, Google????
What a hunk a junk!
It "used" to be something you used for you home page or something, but now it's no more worth a 401 page error hahahaha

thanx.............................md :)

07-19-2009, 12:00 AM
thanx, i'll check it out, right now, i'm willing to look at anything, though i don't exactly feel like blowing all that kind of money, especially since I am about to buy this JimmyRig program, so that leaves me completely broke anyway.

.....................md :)

07-19-2009, 12:28 AM
I ABSOLUTELY agree with the always connect bit with JR.
It's been brought up in the forums there, and I hope they figure out something much better, cuz I won't like that deal either.
But everythign else on that program rocks!
Just not that!
If they don't fix that, I'm hoping someone will find a way to make it so we don't have to keep it online like that non-stop.
That is just too not right for me or I would say, anyone else really.

..............................................md :)