View Full Version : Vertex Map Tool Enhancements

08-24-2003, 12:20 PM
1.) In cases where all selected vertices have identical vertex map values, it would be nice if the Set Vertex Map Value tool would read and display those values rather than the default 0.

2.) Ability to copy/paste vertex values (like the DStorm plugins) should be a built-in feature of LW, and possible with all VMap types.

3.) Ability to convert between map types (to create a weight map based on vertex colour map alpha values, for example.)

4.) Map "color correction" type tools... Sort of like "brightness/contrast/hue" sliders for selected vertices so that you can batch-transform high-low values in a weight map, scale all the alpha values in a vertex colour map simultaneously, or boost/decrease the R G or B values across a colour map.