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07-11-2009, 11:38 AM
in tribute to online render,
i thought i'd mention my newest job, which is at Morley college, near waterloo station in London(and the southbank!)
they've hired me to teach stop-motion at nightclasses there, and so i thought i'd announce it( and debut my wonderful new profile pic) and also invite any lightwavers interested in stop-motion skills to sign up for the september classes...I'm quite willing to learn too!!
Its a subject dear to my heart- also about to premiere my first self-created piece, which is a 25 minute adaption of "the happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde, realised using a hybrid world that combines drawn line animation, with Stop-motion puppetry, and Lightwave for the CGI world and other twists...

we premiere at the southbank, BFI NFT Screen2 on monday 14th september...anyone wanna come along? seats are limited and going fast, but let me know...a trailer is about a week away now, but there are image galleries on the basic website we've got up


take a look if you've the time


07-11-2009, 03:44 PM
Congrats skate23. It's good to hear that some people on these forums are starting to find work again. It gives that bleak hope that we may come out of this economic doom soon. I just hope that it's not to make the same mistakes again... But, that's another post waiting to happen. Again, congratulations on the job. It must be very rewarding to land a job at something that you enjoy doing. That is my ultimate goal as well.