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07-04-2009, 12:37 PM

this surely hasn't passed un-noticed but i'll post it in case it has yet to fall into people's radar....
lightwave 6...or maybe 7.0 came with a little app called 'the hub' which is a near live connect between newtek's 2 main 3d apps layout and modeler...when you updated a model and saved it...the model in layout was updated and same the way back from layout to modeler too.
now we all had MUCH to say in regards when lightwave x, or now "core" was announced and would they finally end the 2 app thing and make a unified app to fall in line with maya, max, softimage etc...
the days of hub type things looked pretty much at an end and was seen as a very positive move from most lightwavers and non lightwavers too.

note on messiah studio
it should also be noted that messiah studio has a HUB type interconnect to link messiah to any chosen host app..

now, just as we laid to rest the whole idea of a hub and all those double memory issues and dodgy updates in the app......up comes pixologic to re invent the HUB...they call it go-z :D, also note pixologic have already created a live link to photoshop/painter with zapp-link for 2d painting.
now..as i understand it NEWTEK simply have YEARS of experience on the hub and are extreemly well placed going forward to say link CORE to lightwave 9.x or ANY 3d or maybe 2D app out there.also newtek has moved to make CORE on windows, osx, and linux so could create a cross o/s live link based around a net connection not a mini app on the same computer.

so if you think the days of the HUB are gone..think again..i belive we'll could see that sort of link appear in core and work with maya, max, cinema, houdini etc..
i also think that most apps will get this type of interconnect...you remember the crosswalk from xsi to 3dsmax and maya?
maybe see 3dcoat, mudbox, painter, photoshop extended and maybe also compositors get live links now that system memory is cheap and most workstations are 4gig to 16gig of ram with huge video cards to boot .


as i see it lightwave's main strength is it's renderer...if CORE gets ahold of the lightwave renderer and can offer it on ANY o/s and connect to ANY 3d app like maya, xsi, 3dsmax, blender at the click of a button then lightwave is set to be the HUB or CORE of many 3d production piplines as currently quite a few tv shows may animate in say maya but render off in lightwave 9.

the sooner CORE gets a full on renderer the better imo.

07-04-2009, 02:59 PM
I'm sure you're right about the above. But it's not really a new thing - Right Hemisphere was doing it with LW and Deep Paint 3D nearly a decade ago.

As for Hub, it's never bothered me much, never given me any real problems except for the occasional glitch. I've been pretty much neutral on the subject of Hub - I can take it or leave it, not gonna get upset about it. I have thought LW would be better as one app, but not because of Hub problems, just for the sake of having everything together under one roof.

Here's to hoping that CORE breaks new ground in inter-app compatibility and file transfer. :beerchug: